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Symptoms of a mobile phone with broken flex cables

Symptoms of a mobile phone with broken flex cables

If it’s just loose, you can disassemble it and plug it in again. If it’s broken, you have to replace it with a new one.

1. The phenomenon caused by the broken mobile phone cable is that the screen image is not clear, the pattern is flickering, or the mobile phone screen is not bright, and the damage of the mobile phone cable of part of the sliding cover will cause the camera to not work normally.

2. The mobile phone cable refers to the cable connecting the main board of the mobile phone to the display of the mobile phone, and the cable connecting the camera, key board and main board is also a cable. Everything you see on the display is controlled and output by the motherboard, and the function of the cable is here. It is responsible for the data transmission between the mobile phone motherboard and the display screen.

3. The mobile phone cable has the characteristics of small size and light weight, and its faults are manifested in the screen, no display, no light, etc.

Symptoms of a loose phone cable

If the mobile phone cable is loose, conditions such as black screen, white screen, and flashing screen will appear, which will affect the service life of the mobile phone screen. The reason for the use of curved screens is that the touch screen itself is like this when it leaves the factory. If it is irregular Rainbow, then the possibility of getting into the water and bumping into it is more likely.

How to fix the phone cable broken?

The mobile phone cable is broken, it can be replaced, but it needs to be replaced at the after-sales outlet; the price is different according to the different styles of the mobile phone.

Flat cable, also called flexible circuit board (FPC). It is used for data transmission in moving parts and active areas in accordance with the regulations of the industry’s specifications, such as the wiring rules, line sequence, line color, and line number, etc., such as the data cable of the internal motherboard of the computer to the hard disk and optical drive, and the connection of the mobile phone motherboard to the display screen. Data cables, as well as data cables between connected devices, are collectively referred to as flat cables.

The cable is small in size and light in weight. The original design of the cable board is to replace the larger wire harness. On the current cutting-edge electronic device assembly board, the cable is usually the only solution to meet the requirements of miniaturization and movement.




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