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why Samsung A oled lcd sell well???

why Samsung A oled lcd sell well???

1. The OLED screen is thinner, which means that the thickness of the mobile phone becomes thinner and lighter!

2. OLED screens are more power-efficient, which increases the battery life of mobile phones. This is also a problem that mobile phone manufacturers are trying to solve.

3. The OLED screen can be made into a curved screen,

4. The OLED screen can almost display natural colors. Because the material uses the naturally emitted light source, it also has an overwhelming advantage in contrast, outdoor visibility, and viewing angle.

Samsung A series  now most are new models, so we just supply oled quality now. A30, A50, A70 those models all are very popular. if the customers need change the lcd replacement, they also want to have a nice quality, and also can offer a higher price then common situation to choose the lcd.

Samsung A seires lcd with what’s merits?

💥:Touch stable
💥:High saturation,High brightness
💥:Original cable and IC
💥:Anti-blue light
💥:Automatically adjust brightness
💥:Fingerprint funtion
💥: Improve user service quality and greatly reduce after-sales rate



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