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Both be OLED, why a big difference between Iphone X lcd and Samsung Note 8 lcd ?

Both be OLED, why a big difference between Iphone X lcd and Samsung Note 8 lcd ?

【YEZONE】 Now cellphone most are smart mobile phone, beautiful and convenient. And cellphone is also a mirror for us to see the world.

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In terms of the resolution and multi-touch technology, Iphone had been ahead of the trend for a long time, but now it is stuck at lcd screen.

OLED have the advantages over contrast radio, gamut coverage and limit viewing angle. So now Iphone X is also equiped with Oled lcd. According to the newest information, Iphone X lcd also from supplier of Samsung Oled lcd. Then which is better, or quality is equal? After all, Smaung note 8 is the representative of Samsung mobile phone. So how?

【Parameter comparison】

Model Samsung , 8 Iphone X
size 6.3 inch 5.8 inch
resolution 2960*1440 2436*1125
luminance 1200 nit 625 nit


【Iphone X lcd Analysis】

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Iphone X is the first one to apply Oled technology in Iphone brand, the parameter is also not bad.

Besides the above parameter, iphone X PPI=458, support DCI-P3 Color Space.

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samsung lcd wholesale【Samsung Note8 lcd Analysis】

Equipted with a 6.3-inch full-view screen, note 8 lcd takes the advantage of ultra-narrow frame, comfortable sight effect and phablet curved screen. Reducing the angle’s radius, the radio of length and width still is 18.5 : 9, and the resolution is 2960*1440.

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In fact, some famous lcd evaluation agencies also thinks highly of Samsung Note 8 lcd, and give the degree of A+. it is also recognized to be one of the most creative and high-qualified smart phone lcd.

Compare with the Samsung S8, Note 8 lcd is more outstanding. Visible area is bigger about 120%, and the luminance is also higher about 122%, even up to 1200nit.

So even now Samsung Note8 lcd also superior to Iphone X lcd, specially about the luminance.



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