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How to recognize the iphone lcd? Original or copy?

How to recognize the iphone lcd? Original or copy?

Mobile phones are becoming more and more indispensable in people’s lives, but  it will expire and will be damaged. If  damaged, the most common cause is the screen is bloken. Changing a mobile phone screen need cost a lot of money. Among them, Iphone is the most expensive. We spent a lot of money for the broken screen, but later we found that many of the replacements were not original screens, which caused many users a headache. So how to recognize the iphone lcd is Original or copy!!!

The original screen is produced by the original Apple mobile phone manufacturer, and there is no difference from the screen that comes with the phone. The price of the original screen is relatively expensive in the market. The original screen is also different, the original screen is also divided into the original and the original disassembly. The original is only available from mobile phone manufacturers and mobile phone after-sales service stores. Most of the original screens that we replace in ordinary repair shops are removed from the same type of used mobile phones, which belong to the original screens. Only in the after-sales shops of mobile phone manufacturers will there be regular original screens.
In general, the quality of domestic screens is not very good, and the copy manufacturer is not a single manufacturer, but many manufacturers are producing it. Therefore, whether the copy can completely match the mobile phone is still unknown. The production cost of domestic screens is relatively low, so the price of replacing the screen is lower, compared with the original screen, the price is much lower. Because the production cost is relatively low, the domestic screen will have some problems after the replacement, and it does not match your own mobile phone. So when we change the screen, there must be a way to distinguish it. In this way we can also not be deceived.
Now let me introduce the difference between the original screen and COPY:

1. The original screen will have Apple’s logo or related logos at the place where the cable exits.

2. The graphite heat dissipation sticker on the upper left corner of the original screen, the back pressure is empty

3. The bracket holes at the rear press position of the domestic screen are asymmetrical and there are burrs, while the bracket of the original screen is relatively smooth and the workmanship is particularly fine.



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