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How to recognize the Flex Cables?

How to recognize the Flex Cables?



As for mobile repair or mobile refurbish, mobile flex cables are very important. Many times our customers also buy flex cables and some parts , no only buy the lcd, and touch.

Flex cables’ price is not high, but usually we need invest number of  flex cables, so how to recognize the quality of that, because of the are many qualities?

1.  the quantity of the IC  on the flex cables.IC matter the quality, More ic, the quality is better

2.  Resistance, the resistance protect the circuit board and is related the other mobile part lifetime like lcd, or touch.

3. Waterproof.  Original quality has the sealant, super to others, even than AAA+

4. In fact, the prodcuts will more exquist, if it is better.

And for different quality, as below: