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What problems need notice when repair a Mobile

What problems need notice when repair a Mobile



There are many accidents when we repair mobiles up our mind. Maybe because of the parts version,  quality, and even useage limitations Or different countries.

Today here brings you some common troubleshooting skills in mobile phone repair, which may not be so comprehensive. Hope useful to you!

A: the mobile phone card shutdown maintenance

1. Power amplifier problem: Dial 112 when the card is not inserted and the phone is turned off because of the power amplifier problem

2. Software problem: dial 112 when the card is not inserted and it does not shut down due to software

3, the SIM card circuit has a short circuit

B: Maintenance method of unplugged automatic charging

1, cleaning the tail plug

2, CPU is soldered or damaged. It prompts that the USB has been connected or removed or the charger has been connected or removed is mostly caused by CPU soldering

C: Regularly shut down the phone for repairs

1, software problem rewriting software

2, see if the phone is set to shut down the program regularly

D: let go of the automatic shutdown mobile phone repair method

1, CPU is soldered or damaged

2. Welding or damage to the power supply

3.the maintenance signal has not arrived

E: Mobile phone repair ideas for WIFI turning gray

1, Wi-Fi module soldering

2, the WiFi module is damaged

F: ​​Headphone mode without headphones

1, the tailstock is shorted

2, the earphone jack is short-circuited

3. The solution is to clean the tail jack and headphone jack

4. Unresolved parts need to be replaced

G: the voice of the other party cannot be heard clearly

1. It is very quiet, usually because the dust-proof net of the earpiece has entered dust, just clean

2. If you can’t hear it at all, the handset needs to be replaced.