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Mobile Details test

Mobile Details test

Here are some informationfor your reference, hope you know more about the mobile .

1. The 2000 mAh power bank CAN be used to charge IPHONE system smart phones?

Answer: Yes.

2. The mobile power of polymer lithium battery  is prone to explosion in high temperature environment?

Answer: No, the battery uses colloidal solids inside, which will not explode.

3. “Nominal capacity” is equivalent to “real capacity?

Answer: wrong.

4. Is the mobile power sold now only suitable for mobile phones of specific models or specific systems on the market?

Answer: wrong. Adapt to most mobile phones on the market.

5. Polymer batteries are more flexible in design than cylindrical lithium-ion batteries 18650, right?

Answer: Yes.

6. Using data cable  charge the mobile phone with  mobile power , the power in the mobile power can reach the mobile phone battery?

Answer: Wrong. Mobile power will have a conversion rate.

7. When charging the mobile power, sometimes in order to increase the speed, can I change the high-current charger to charge it?

Answer: wrong. It needs to be strictly implemented according to the current and voltage standards issued by the manufacturer. Long-term over-current and over-voltage work will cause safety hazards.




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