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How to develop the full potential of your phone?

How to develop the full potential of your phone?



If you are asked to leave the phone, I think many people will not be able to hold on for a day. For modern people, the mobile phone is no longer a communication tool in a pure sense, but also shoulders many important tasks such as taking pictures, entertainment, and auxiliary work. How to develop the full potential of your phone? You also need these accessories to help.

Make good use of mobile phone accessories to unlock the final form of a mobile phone. With the development of the smart phone business, today’s mobile phones can not only realize the functions of mobile communication, but also have shooting performance comparable to cameras, office performance comparable to computers, and entertainment performance comparable to game consoles and players. If you want to fully utilize the functions of your mobile phone to the extreme, it is naturally necessary to start with a series of accessories.

[Appearance, feel and protection, this is the phone case you are looking for]

When it comes to mobile phone accessories, the phone case should be the first thing most people’s alarm clock jumps out. As an accessory to protect a mobile phone, the mobile phone case is more than just “protecting the mobile phone” in the traditional sense as people’s understanding and demand for it becomes deeper. When we buy a mobile phone case, in addition to considering its protection, appearance and feel are also important factors that we consider.

The material and workmanship often determine the protection and feel of the phone case. Strictly speaking, there is no material that can protect the phone case completely while ensuring a delicate touch, not blocking the signal, and not affecting heat dissipation. Therefore, if a mobile phone case wants to have both feel and protection, it will inevitably need a combination of multiple materials and the blessing of more scientific craftsmanship.

TPU material has significant effects on shock resistance, impact resistance, and drop resistance. It is flexible and has inherent shock absorption properties. With the all-inclusive design, it can be said that the protection is instantly full. At the same time, the honeycomb internal design effectively solves the heat dissipation defects of the TPU material. To ensure a smooth touch, the glass back cover is naturally the best choice. If you want a mobile phone case to have both protection and feel, such materials and structure are indispensable.

In terms of appearance, in addition to design elements that need to incorporate fashion and personality, some excellent manufacturers often use the advantages of materials and combine more craftsmanship to bring better visual presentation effects. Nowadays, the popular laser process is one of the processes that can bring a huge increase in the appearance of mobile phones. For a mobile phone case with a beautiful appearance, a comfortable feel, and excellent protection, please poke the portal below.

[Mobile phone shoots a blockbuster, a set of lens and bracket]

As the core shooting equipment in our daily life, mobile phones can be said to be not allowed. Although there is still a certain gap between the shooting performance and the camera, the portable nature of the mobile phone also makes it as it should be in most occasions. Replace the role of the camera. However, if you want to shoot a blockbuster with a mobile phone, you still need the assistance of some professional accessories.

The external lens of a mobile phone can be said to be an artifact to improve the shooting performance of your mobile phone, and it can even further narrow the gap between the shooting performance of the mobile phone and the camera. Different lenses, for different shooting needs, can bring more targeted effects. Portraits, landscapes, and selfies can all use different lenses to achieve better results. For photographers who want to shoot large movies with their mobile phones, the external mobile phone lens is really a very good starting point.

At the same time, in addition to working hard on the lens, taking pictures also requires more professional auxiliary props-tripods. Whether you are shooting others or yourself, with the shooting stand, you have more angles to choose from, and can bring you a more stable shooting experience. With the continuous upgrading of mobile phone accessories, the two things, the tripod and the selfie stick, are now integrated into one. Having a bracket that can switch back and forth between the selfie stick and the tripod, it can be said to be qualitative for your shooting level. Promote.

[Listen to opera, play games, entertainment accessories must be fully equipped]

In our daily life, the entertainment functions brought to us by mobile phones can be said to be enough to meet our daily needs. Chatting on the Internet, browsing Weibo, playing games, following dramas, listening to music, to a certain extent, the mobile phone is a small computer that we carry with us. Of course, if we want to fully develop the entertainment performance of mobile phones, we also need the help of some accessories.

First of all, it is very necessary to equip your mobile phone with a powerful headset. Coming to and from get off work, squeezing the subway or taking the bus, you must spend it by listening to songs, playing games or chasing dramas on your mobile phone. Having a pair of headphones with excellent sound quality can naturally greatly enhance your actual experience of various entertainment projects. At the same time, you must buy wireless headsets. Wired headsets are too easy to get into trouble. All kinds of twists and pulls on the subway make the experience too unsmooth.

And today, when competitive mobile games are extremely popular, I believe you should also be a die-hard fan of the super popular mobile games such as “Glory of the King” and “Stimulating the Battlefield”. Although the mobile phone can be used anytime, anywhere, it is convenient to use it, but to be honest, the experience of touching the screen to control the game is a bit unsatisfactory. You can equip your mobile phone with a game controller, and you can give full play to your competitive strength during the game.

With these practical accessories, your phone not only has a great degree of protection in terms of protection, appearance and feel, but it can also show a level and performance beyond the norm in daily photography and entertainment. With these accessories, you can know how powerful your phone is.