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Buy iPhone12 Pro or Iphone 11?

Buy iPhone12 Pro or Iphone 11?

iPhone12 and iPhone12Pro have been officially launched, but many friends expressed disappointment after watching the press conference, and some of the expected functions were not realized. For some Apple fans, neither iPhone12 nor iPhone12Pro is worth buying, so it is better to buy iPhone11.

1. There is no charger and headphone cable.
Apple said it was for environmental protection, but actually cut off the cost of the iPhone 12 series headphone cable and charging port. But, users still need to spend more money to buy accessories on the official website. As we all know, mobile phone accessories are the most profitable. Unexpectedly, Apple would even have to compete with parts suppliers for this business, which made Apple fans feel very disgusted. At present, most Apple fans just have 5W chargers. If you want to enjoy fast charging, you need to buy a 20W USB-C charger.

2. Battery capacity shrinks

According the data given on the official website, the battery capacity of the iPhone12Pro has shrunk, so the battery life has dropped slightly. Even in the video playback battery life test, the battery life of the iPhone12Pro was 1 hour less than that of the iPhone11Pro. At present, the battery capacity of iPhone12Pro has also been exposed, which is about 2775 mAh, which is not even as good as iPhone 11. Nowadays, the battery capacity of Android phones is more than 4000, but the battery capacity of iPhone 12Pro is less than 3000 mAh. No wonder the battery life will drop. Originally, 5G modules and OLED panels already consume a lot of power, and as a result, the battery has shrunk.

3. Still no fingerprint to unlock
Since Apple cut off the fingerprint to unlock, many fans stick to the old model until the release of the new iPhoneSE, before choosing to replace the phone. In terms of unlocking, the Face ID technology of iPhone 12 is actually very mature, but it is very inconvenient to wear a mask to unlock, especially during the epidemic. Therefore, many Apple fans still hope to have fingerprint unlocking, at least it will be more convenient to wear a mask to unlock.

4. the top border is not shortened

I thought that before the release of iPhone 12, many fans thought that the top border would be shortened. The main reason is that the border is too ugly, and can’t stand such an ugly phone. However, Apple improved the frame design, did not make the border¬† smaller, they still looked so conspicuous.

5. Facing the screen directly affects the feel
Since the iPhone6, Apple has always adopted a 2.5D curved frame. I believe that many  Apple fans have adapted to this feel. But this year the iPhone 12 chose to return to the classic three-dimensional frame. From the appearance design, it is still quite good. But the iPhone12Pro has a 6.1-inch screen. If you still use such a brick design, the frame will be very sharp. As far as the hand feel is concerned, it is not as good as the iPhone11.

6. Price go up

price has so big differnce!!!



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