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Based on the iPhone 14? More details of the iPhone SE 4 revealed

Based on the iPhone 14? More details of the iPhone SE 4 revealed




More details of the Apple iPhone SE 4 have been announced. The device is somewhat similar to the iPhone 14, but there are differences as well. iPhone SE 4 will come with a single 48 MP camera, a USB-C port, and the latest chip.


iphone se


With a device identifier of D59 and a project code name of Ghost, the iPhone SE 4 is said to be positioned as a still budget-oriented handset, replacing the current iPhone SE 3. Apple plans to phase out iPhones with Home buttons and introduce a full-screen look and a larger display. The form factor is similar to the iPhone 14, with Face ID support and a USB-C port.


While it’s unclear whether Apple will introduce an “Active Button feature” for the iPhone SE 4, it’s predictable that the iPhone SE 4 will actually be about 6 grams lighter than the iPhone 14, which is expected to weigh 165 grams. This is because Apple will probably replace the original camera module with a 48MP single camera module (codenamed “Portland”).


In addition, in terms of design, the iPhone SE 4 uses the same frame material as the iPhone 14 (6013 T6 aluminum), but the back panel will need to be re-molded to accommodate the 48MP single camera module. The phone is expected to be officially released next year.