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2021, Smart phone will still sell high price?

2021, Smart phone will still sell high price?



2021 has just begun. Recently, the epidemic situation in many places has been on the rise again, and we still have to put on masks. . .

But this does not affect the enthusiasm of mobile phone manufacturers to release new phones. Xiaomi 11, IQOO7, vivo X60Pro and the newly released Samsung GalaxyS21 series, anyway, all major models have been released or opened for purchase. Everyone is yours and I will be on stage, but the scene is still not lively.

It’s been a long time since you talked about mobile phones with you. Recently, you have discovered that there seem to be some new changes in the mobile phone circle in 2021.

Price increase

Rising prices may be the main theme of this year’s mobile phones, especially flagship phones. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic on the entire semiconductor and chip industry, the output of upstream wafer manufacturers is insufficient, and TSMC’s 5nm process capacity ramps slowly, which eventually leads to short supply.

Furthermore, most processors this year adopted a brand-new 5nm process, and the performance improvement was not small. Coupled with the increase of 5G baseband and other costs on the mobile phone, it will eventually lead to an overall increase in the price of the mobile phone. The technology king thinks that Xiaomi 11’s price of 3,999 yuan might not make it the king of cost-effectiveness.

5G is universal

In the past year, many mobile phones will distinguish between 4G and 5G versions, or add a “5G” suffix to the name. But this year the situation has become less and less, because 5G has begun to spread gradually, and many small partners have even used 5G. To be fair, all mobile phones out now support 5G.

Back to frivolity

I don’t know when it started, thin and light mobile phones have become a luxury, and the weight of the flagship phones of various “super big cups” has exceeded 200 grams. The thickness also increases with the tide. Maybe it’s a compromise for longer battery life, but no matter how you look at it, the heavy design is not flattering.

But this year, the situation seems to have improved. Xiaomi Mi 11 has controlled its weight below 200 grams, which is much better than the previous generation of Mi 10 Extreme Edition. iPhone12 even launched a mini version, although the sales volume is not big, but at any rate it also provides an extra choice for the thin and small screen party.
In fact, according to the science and technology master’s own body, he will switch from a heavy mobile phone to a thin mobile phone, and the perception is very obvious. In 2021, more manufacturers are clearly aware of the significance of lightness and thinness to consumers.

Multi-shot back to rational

As early as a few years ago, mobile phones entered the era of multi-camera. Originally, the technology king was not opposed to multi-camera. After all, cameras with different viewing angles brought more possibilities for mobile phones to take pictures. But then the prince of science and technology discovered that there was something wrong with the development of multi-camera, and each company started an arms race for the number of cameras!

With the advent of four-camera or even five-camera phones, the key is that the technology jun found that many cameras are made up, such as 2 million-pixel macro lenses, depth-of-field cameras, and those low-pixel so-called portrait lenses. Shu Technology Jun said frankly, these make-up cameras do not help to improve the user experience except for squeezing the internal space of the phone.

However, this situation has improved. Among the recently released new phones, the technology king has almost found no cameras that make up the number. That’s right, there are more cameras, but the key is to be useful.

High-power fast charging is fully popular

Fast charging is now the standard configuration of almost every mobile phone, and even the charging power of the iPhone has reached 20W. The Android machine has directly reached 120W. The fast charge of 50 or 60 watts has become the standard configuration of many models. I have to say that the fast charge is indeed a function that people can’t go back when they use it.

Cancel the gift of charging head

Although fast charging technology is developing rapidly, there are also some bad trends in the development of mobile phones in 2021. For example, Apple iPhone 12 took the lead in canceling the charger. Then everyone saw it, Xiaomi Mi 11 also relied on this aspect, and Galaxy S21 is said to cancel the random gift of charging heads in most parts of the world.