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How many spare parts in a mobile?

How many spare parts in a mobile?

Nowadays, people have long been inseparable from mobile phones. As the most commonly used carrier of the Internet, it is difficult to imagine whether there will be another tool to replace it. So how many parts in a mobile phone? Get up and find out. it is divided into 21 major items.
1, the motherboard
Mobile phone motherboards and computer motherboards have the same function, and they are also the carrier of all hardware interconnections. It can also be said that they are their skeletons, powering each hardware. (The battery first supplies power to the motherboard, and then the motherboard supplies power to each) In addition, a lot of hardware is often integrated on the motherboard and connected to the motherboard. Once the motherboard is broken, most of the other hardware is considered scrapped.

2 the screen
The screen is the hardware that the mobile phone transmits information to people. Generally, the screen is divided into an external screen and an internal screen. Although the screen assembly is said now, it is always the same. The so-called assembly actually puts the inner screen and the outer screen together through physical means. The inner screen is mainly responsible for display, and the outer screen is responsible for touch control and protection. The cost of the screen may be scary. First of all, the screen itself, and the fit between the screen and the body needs to be dealt with, and the cost is even higher.

3, back cover

Many people say that nowadays mobile phones have become all-in-one phones? How come there are back covers? In fact, all mobile phones have back covers, but the current mobile phones pay attention to airtightness and beauty. Hidden. However, manufacturers will not give up any place where they can make money, and even the back cover has to work hard to make a trick, and the same is true for the mobile phones released this year. This hybrid back cover is far from the ordinary back cover. Many people say that it is not necessary at all. It is better to spend the money here on performance. What do you think?

4, the middle frame
Don’t underestimate this simple middle frame. Its role is not small. When the phone is dropped or vibrates violently, the middle frame can play a fixed role for all hardware. It can be regarded as the bracket of the whole mobile phone, without the internal parts of his mobile phone, it would shake.

5 the middle plate middle frame

In fact, it is a metal plate, which can play the role of heat dissipation and divide the internal space of the phone into two layers, which is very useful.

6. volume button, home button
The volume button is available on every mobile phone, and the home button may have been cancelled in many mobile phones. Don’t underestimate this little home button. Below every physical button is a motherboard. The function of the physical button is to facilitate the use.

7, the front camera
The front camera can be said to be an indispensable part of a mobile phone. Even boys can’t say that they don’t need a front camera. If you want to change to a girl, the mobile phone is basically useless without a front camera. Before the emergence of new alternatives, the front camera of the phone cannot be cancelled.

8, the rear camera
Since this spring, mobile phones have undoubtedly entered the era of triple-camera, and dual-camera phones will gradually be eliminated. The camera itself is a relatively expensive hardware, and now there are three more. Now manufacturers and consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of photos.

9, earpiece

The mobile phone was used as a communication tool when it was first born. Since it is a communication tool, the handset is definitely needed. If there is no handset, it may cause unnecessary trouble for us and even make ourselves without privacy. The same is true. Will affect the sales of mobile phones.

10, microphone

I won’t say much about the function of the microphone. The quality of the microphone on the mobile phone is still acceptable. You should also find that the noise processing is higher than that of the normal daily use microphone.

11, battery
No matter how good your mobile phone is, no battery is still just a pile of scrap iron. Even many people regard the battery as the only criterion for mobile phone selection, and it is also one of the biggest problems of mobile phones. The battery capacity directly determines the battery life of the mobile phone. Many people worry that the battery power of the mobile phone is not enough when going out, and the space of the mobile phone is so large, it is even impossible to make the battery bigger.

12, the processor
The processor is the core of the entire mobile phone. The processor is actually the general term for cpu and gpu. The quality of the processor directly determines the performance of the mobile phone.

13, baseband chip

The 5g mobile phones that are making a lot of noise now are the baseband chip, which is different from the 4g mobile phone. The baseband chip is responsible for communication and network. The cost of the baseband chip is not as simple as the cost of hardware, including system support, hardware joint work, etc. All are considered costs.

14, speaker

Simply put, it is a speaker, which is also a hardware that cannot be cancelled. As early as the era of feature phones, various mobile phone brands have paid great attention to mobile phone speakers. At that time, the pursuit of loud sound and sound quality. Until the advent of smart phones, the quality of the speakers was slowly ignored by everyone and even removed from the configuration list.

15. power control

Part of the reason why modern mobile phones can be charged at any time and has a fast charging function is due to the battery, and another part of the credit is it. It can automatically identify the quality of the charger, and then match, and the phone will automatically power off after it is fully charged.

16, original charger



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