11. About Product:
We supply mobile phone accessories, mobile phone parts. Most of them from our own factories, and others get from top manufacturers in this field. We only deal with high quality and good finished products for our customers. We keep inventories all the time for mobile phone housing, mobile phone LCD, mobile phone flex cable, mobile phone touch screen, mobile phone spare parts and so on, we can make the delivery as soon as get your payment.
22. About the Sample:
We would like to offer samples for quality test or any other business purpose, but you are kindly invited to pay for samples and the freight, if you have an effective account of DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, TNT etc., you don't need to pay the freight. We will use your account to send a sample. Meanwhile for order above 100 pcs/model, we can deduct your sample payment from the order amount.
33. About Purchasing:
We will send the invoice to buyer's email for start the order, if the invoice is approved buyer need to send payment to our account and provide the payment copy, once we got the payment we will start prepare the goods, after we get your full payment we will ship your order out.
44. About Guarantee:
We have strict quality inspection system from material to finished goods, all products from YEZONE the quality is guaranteed, For quality issue within warranty, we will give feedback in 3 working days, once the buyer return the goods to us, we will repair and resent out the goods to buyer.
55. About Shipment:
Goods can be shipped by Express courier, by Air, by Ocean. By express courier, it is a door to door service, your can get goods within 3-5 days, and also you can check the package status online with its tracking No. Generally we use DHL, FEDEX, EMS, UPS and TNT etc. we have very good discount in these companies. You could also provide us effective account for freight collect. By Air or Ocean, it is for big package, U can select your forwarder to ship; or we can quote and confirm freight with u from our forwarder, then we will give AWB and all the information you need to pick up the goods from the appointed airport or port by yourself and clear custom. As Buyers, U should take the full responsibility for shortage of goods if the goods are checked by any custom during transportation. During transportation, if goods are missed because of having been detained by custom in China, all loss thus occurred should be borne by us; if missing or detained of goods are occurred in other country except China, all loss should be borne by buyers.
66. About Payment:
We accept the following four different ways to pay, u can select the best way for u, After arranging payment, please kindly email us payment copy details, that will help us proceed your order more effectively. We can get your payment within 24 hours. 1, T/T (Wire Transfer) 2, Western Union 3, MoneyGram 4, PayPal About account details please feel free to ask us, thanks